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11 ways to practice self love 

The importance of self love cannot be ignored and sometimes we are really bad at it! Especially me. So here is a gentle nudge for both you and me. A reminder to practice self love, to have self compassion and to always put ourselves first.

11 ways to practice self love

Positive affirmations – Every morning stand in front of the mirror and state some positive things about yourself such as ‘I am kind, I am patient, I am lovable.’ You can also say things like ‘I find it easy to be social.’ If that is something you find difficult. If standing in front of the mirror is too cringe, write it down in a book. (It isn’t as effective on the computer). Positive affirmations help train your brain to feel altogether more upbeat.

Good food – Nourishing yourself with good food makes you feel better. Maybe not instantly, maybe not even in a week but long term it is the recipe to feeling better. Treating your body well, being grateful for it and kinder towards it will lift your spirits. i promise. Think about how you feel after eating a salad versus a pizza. Treating yourself does not mean reaching for a chocolate bar. This is something that has taken me years to understand and as I have mentioned a few too many times, I am still very much a beginner but this year is my year to get back to a revitalised, happier me. (IA). 

Take your time – When you finally get some time to yourself, DO NOT RUSH. I often find myself rushing around when I finally get ten minutes to myself so that I can get back and take over the world apparently. You and your family will appreciate a rested person far more then a rushed person. Soak up every minute of me time!

Get some fresh air – Exercise outdoors! Nature has a funny way of making you feel happier. Even if it is freezing cold. When you get into nature, you feel a calm come over you. Try to get into nature for at least 20 minutes a day. 

Give a good friend a call or better still pop round to see them – By good friend, I mean someone who will make you giggle. Someone who really cares about you. Someone who won’t judge if you need to let it out in whatever way you need down that phone or in person. A conversation with a friend or family member can make all the difference on a difficult day.

Stay away from negative energy – PLEASE do yourself a favour and walk away from negativity. When I was training in an old job, the trainer would refer to these people as mood hoovers. Stay away from anybody who hoovers up that good mood. (Yes I know it is meant to be vacuum). Some people can drain you and sometimes it isn’t their fault. They are having their own experiences but if you are not in a place where you are strong enough to support them, walk away and come back when you are able to really be there.

Then there are people who say one thing and mean another. Once you know, stay away. If someone is genuine with you, it makes life so much easier. If you haven’t been brought up in a politically minded family where words are used to manipulate/act, you can often believe everything someone says. So for example if someone says ‘help yourself’, and you do and then they are in a mood for a decade afterwards.. nah…it’s just weird. Stay well away.

Speak to yourself like you would your best friend – How cruel are we to ourselves?! Think of all the horrible things you say to yourself. If you wouldn’t say it to a friend, do not say it to yourself!

Mindfulness – Be in the moment. If you are with your kids be in that moment. If you are working, be in that moment. Admittedly social media and other distractions have made this difficult for many of us but once you start practicing mindfulness, you get better and better at it. 

Learn to say no – If you cannot do something, don’t do it to be nice. It.Does.Not.Work.

Switch off – Switch off when you can. Lock yourself away, put a candle on, have a bath and take your sweet time. Pamper yourself! Also put the WIFI off at least one day a quarter. It is the best thing ever.

Find your happy hobby – Find something that you love to do and keep on doing it! You will never get bored.




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