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6 things that are making me smile these days

OK maybe not just these days but all the time..

6 things that are making me smile these days

My religion – From a young age I always felt blessed to be born into Islam. Up until the time i was in college, I didn’t really have an understanding of Islam. Yes I knew the absolutes. That is to say, I knew the rules/I knew the pillars. I didn’t know the other things though. I didn’t  know that actually women are treated equally, if not better in Islam. Equality means different things to different people. Very often lack of freedom is imposed upon women by other people. It is culture over religion. (Oh and by the way If being liberated means getting naked to announce you are having twins, I would rather leave it thanks..yes Beyonce i’m talking about you girl). Anyway, it was at college that I first read a book about women in Islam. It made me even more grateful to be born into a religion that truly cherishes women. I then went on to learn other things. One of the most important things i learnt was about was the mercy of our Creator. This is something I will repeatedly tell my children about. Our Lord is so merciful. We have it all. We are spoilt. Even when we are doing wrong, one thing we can be sure of is that our Creator adores us more then our parents do. I know that a lot of people keep religion off of there blogs but I can’t. It is a massive part of me and something that I am so proud of. Islam isn’t what it is portrayed as in the media, nor is it the foolish tiny percentage that go out and commit atrocities but I also understand how others feel about it based on what they are exposed to day in, day out. 

My Health – When thinking of my health, I always think of this hadith – Ibn Abbas reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, Take advantage of five before five: your youth before your old age, your health before your illness, your riches before your poverty, your free time before your work, and your life before your death.” Shu’ab al-Imān 9575. Anyone who has experienced ill health, will always appreciate wellness. It is something that can be lost so easily. When hearing about young people afflicted with an illness (Today I was deeply saddened to hear about Shea Rasol and her cancer diagnosis), I always think about how lucky we are to have our health. Also recently a friend of mine was telling me about both her children being diagnosed with Autism. That is a challenge for her and her children but she has adapted and just got on with it. Truly, our Creator does not burden a soul with more then they can bare. As I have mentioned previously, my health is something that I am focussing on more then ever this year. One of our biggest blessings is the ability to do simple things like using our hands to type!

Family – What a blessing to have family around who are supportive, kind and caring? Sometimes it is so easy to forget just how much our families do for us. If anything happened in your life right now and you have someone to call or turn to, aren’t you lucky? Just as a separate side note, I always think about the dignity our Creator has afforded us. When I see animals dead by the side of the road, I think of how odd it would be to see a human just left at the side of the road. Our families are like a warm blanket around us, whether we choose to see that or not. 

Shelter – Hello! The roof over my head makes me happy, especially in Winter. Seeing the homeless makes me so so sad. I am happy that my children and family also have shelter. 

Opportunities – If we are alive we have endless opportunities to earn rewards, to help others, to improve our health, to earn money, to work hard, to bring up our children, to serve our families etc etc. 

Freedom  – I am appreciative of the fact that we live in the UK where we have all the freedom in the world to walk out of the house and do what we want, when we want (within reason of course!). You know what I mean though right? We are lucky to be able to just pop round to see someone, pop into town, hop on the train, go on holiday, learn something new etc etc. 

Basically we are so blessed. Let us focus on that today and every day! 

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