9 Quick and Healthy Chicken Salad ideas from around the world 

BOY it’s cold! Yes, stating the obvious is my thing. People usually associate salads with 2 things – Summer or Work/Packed Lunch. I don’t. I love salads and I can have them all year round. These 9 quick and healthy chicken salad ideas from around the world, prove that there is no such thing as a boring salad. You can chop and change and adapt even single one of these to suit your needs. You don’t have to stick to the recipes as they are. Each one of these salads are inspired by the flavours that can be seen in a particular countries cuisine. Sometimes we don’t have access to the same techniques. So for example, I don’t own a tandoor for the tandoori chicken salad, but grilling works just fine as an alternative. 

9 Quick and Healthy Chicken Salad ideas from around the world

This year I haven’t gone to my parents for the holidays and it has been tough. They are abroad and I just feel like I would much rather go for an extended period of time, whilst they are there. Also I have real car issues there too. The issue being that I don’t have a car and there is no space in any of the family cars for 3 extra people because there are so many kids in the family already. My kids do get out there though. Last time they went out with my sister whilst i caught up on work. They even managed to go trampolining.

A part of me also feels it is important for the kids to spend time with their dad in the holiday too. I don’t want them to associate holidays with just mum. My husband is working a lot over the holidays but he still makes time for the kids. That wouldn’t happen if I was there. 

Anyway, onto the salads! So we have (as already mentioned), Tandoori Chicken Salad (Flavours of India), Greek Chicken Salad (Flavours of Greece), Sriracha Salad Bowl (Flavours of Asia), Chicken Caesar Salad (I don’t know – seems to be some confusion!), Mexican Chicken Salad (Flavours of Mexico), Turkish Chicken Salad (Flavours of Turkey), Cajun Chicken Salad (Flavours of Mexico – Another version), Chicken Shawarma Salad (Flavours of Arabia) and Chicken Satay Salad (Flavours of Asia – Malaysia/Indonesia (The Coleslaw is not made using asian flavours, but you could add soy sauce and use rice wine vinegar in it too). Here is another alternative Asian Chicken Salad for you to try too!

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