Self Love – A long and messy business

As I have mentioned before, my journey to self love only really began a couple of years ago. It started the moment that I decided to get up and do something for myself. It started the minute I took a long hard look at my life and decided that I could not carry on hurting myself in the way that I was

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Spirituality and Self Love as the foundation for growth

This post is about exploring how spirituality has been the fuel for my growth over the past few months. I know spiritual talk isn’t for everyone but it is something that is important to me so naturally I do touch on it occasionally.

I have been hesitant to write this post because I feel like our spiritual journeys are so beautiful and private. I also feel like ultimately they are a matter between us and a Higher Being. However, if it helps anyone to get through what I did this year, I think it is worth it. 

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Learning to live life in the slow lane

Learning to live life in the slow lane

 After many years of being ‘busy’, I have decided that I want to live life in the slow lane. Pottering about, ‘being mindful’ and soaking in the beauty around me, seems like a far better approach to life. I  read once that the joy of life is not in the doing and having but it is in the being. I couldn’t agree more.

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10 Ways to Practice Self Love during Ramadan

Self Love is such a hot topic right now and I am always reluctant to mention it. However having experienced what it can do for the mind, body and soul first hand, I feel like I have to share its benefits to all who will listen. Especially now, during the beautiful month of Ramadan.

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When Self Care is not possible

When Self Care is not possible – A few years ago during a particularly anxious phase in my life, if someone had told me to think about self care I may have just cried my eyes out and run out of the room. I didn’t have the capacity to focus on self care and I didn’t want to add yet another thing to what felt like an already burgeoning list of things to do. Life already felt overwhelming enough. 

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