How I recovered from Ramadan Burnout

How I recovered from Ramadan Burnout

Ramadan is a time for prayer, reflection, transformation and a spiritual detox right? So this Ramadan, like every other Ramadan, i sat down with my paper and pen and wrote down everything i was going to achieve, not just in terms of my spirituality but also what i would be doing with my kids to ensure that they were engaged and aware of the importance of the month. All this resulted in Ramadan Burnout.

how i recovered from ramadan burnout

I started with a lot of gusto, an array of ideas and a mammoth plan. However midway through the month, i began to lose momentum, i failed to meet the unrealistic targets i had set for myself. I burnt out, like totally. One night, I couldn’t even manage small tasks and that made me feel terrible.

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14 ways I tried to get in control of my Anxiety

14 ways I tried to get in control of my Anxiety 

This is part two of a previous post about my experience with anxiety. In 2015 my anxiety reached it’s peak and i had to show it who was boss! So here are the 14 ways i tried to get in control of my anxiety.

anxiety -

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Anxiety, Panic attacks and me

Anxiety, panic attacks and me

Part 1

Where to start? Anxiety, Panic attacks and me is my most personal post to date and also my most nerve wracking one… However i hope that it helps anyone who is going through a similar experience. Or anyone who knows someone who is going through it. This post is based on my own personal experience of anxiety and panic attacks. I have read and reread this post 46 times according to my website amendments. That’s a record. So if there are any errors, do forgive me. This is such a sensitive topic and my mind is racing all over the place whilst i am writing it.

anxiety, panic attacks and me

 People who know me will probably never have me down as someone who suffers from anxiety. The thing is, i’m not one to open up about these things. I’m not one to let my walls down to just anyone. So for me to show my vulnerability and really let people into what I’m going through is pretty big.

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