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Colourful Latte Art at Saints of Mokha

You know how i love a good coffee shop right? It is one of my favourite things to do. Wait does that even make sense? Ok I just love being in coffee shops. Each coffee shop has it’s own unique selling point. So for example, If I want colourful latte art and delicious coffee with great chat, I go to Saints of Mokha!

Colourful latte art at saints of mokha

If i want to disappear and be around upbeat people and a nice level of background noise, I go to Bru. I used to go every Friday but haven’t managed to get there for some time now. In fact all the plans for this blog, happened in there! For awesome coffee and a city feel, I go to Bread and Honey – Hello Monmouth Coffee. For Indian tea with desi street food although I always opt for the roti and egg omelette (The kids love and know the flavour), its Chaiiwala. Gelato with my coffee? Gelato Village! Middle Eastern food that is Halal too – Pieros. I had to come back to this post because I forgot to mention the awesomeness that is Cocoa Amore. A chocolate lovers dream.  Great coffee, artisan chocolate and amazing service. I also spend time in Pret. I just like how calm it feels and the fact that they do great salads and organic coffee. (I stick with the English breakfast tea though!). I have been a fan of Pret since i lived in Manchester a very long time ago. Then there is The Tiny Bakery – a lovely little bakery selling artisan breads and yummy treats that you really should check out! One more I would love to mention is Current Affairs. If you want vegan treats that are delicious, this is the place to go. I often go there for the lemon and yoghurt slice.

There are a few others that I frequent and some I have yet to try like Baker St Cakes (Although it hasn’t been for want of trying – Our timings have clashed – as in I keep going there when it’s shut (Dopy) (Update – I have now been and it totally lives up to the hype!), Grays Coffee shop and kitchen – I can’t find it (I am really bad with that kind of thing but I want to go because I love that they have a daily changing menu and a great reputation and oh St Martins Coffee – Couldn’t get the pram in and then it all got a bit awkward so i moonwalked back out onto the street – no big deal..I was not red faced at all, Coffee Counter – This opened just after I first wrote this post and I love it!

So as is evident, I really like coffee shops. Saints of Mokha has become a firm favourite and we would choose to go there over and over again.

Now the thing about Saints of Mokha is that my husband told me about it. That is pretty unusual in itself. So every day I would walk past it after dropping the kids off to nursery (My daughter had just started nursery and i didn’t yet know what to do with all that free time. Just being able to swing my arms around was a novelty).

Colourful latte art at saints of mokha

Anyhow, I would be aching to go in because it just looked so cool but every time I walked past, there were only men in there and I just felt weird about that so I would glide past hoping I didn’t look like a stalker. Then eventually my time came! I finally made it through the doors! It didn’t disappoint. 

Colourful latte art at saints of mokha

Colourful latte art at saints of mokha

What I experienced was great coffee, outstanding service, knowledgeable and friendly baristas and a friendly homely feel. Oh we also realised the owners lived on the same street my husband grew up on. So about that coffee. I already knew that they did coloured coffees but to see it and then drink it in person, is a little bit special. I am not a coffee person. Never have been. Knowing this, the barista discussed the various options with me and I chose the one I thought I would just about manage. To my surprise, I savoured every last drop. It was delicious – fragrant, caramel sweet and malty. 

The other thing I love about this place, is it’s location which is just off London Rd, on the quieter end of Evington Rd not far from the lovely Victoria Park, the Universities, the Train Station and the City Centre.

Colourful latte art at saints of mokha Colourful latte art at saints of mokha

There was also free WIFI on offer (Always a plus), An alternative to a tip jar (a charity jar), great interior made by the father and son team, various food items on offer like cakes and paninis and the drinks menu included a range of mochas, lattes, matcha tea, green teas, black teas, rooibos and more! They also sell their own coffee beans! YAY!

Somehow we managed to discuss a heck of a lot with the team within our first visit. When I walked through the door, I was holding a book from a course I am studying. So initially we discussed that. Then we moved onto various topics and even book recommendations. I love to read. My front room has one whole wall of books. (Yes a lot of them are recipe books. I have discovered through speaking with  bloggers and foodies, this is pretty normal). However, I also have shelves dedicated to other topics. So if someone talks to me about books, I am all ears.

I would love to see Saints of Mokha introducing healthy baked goodies, perhaps even gluten free or vegan options and sourdough sandwiches made using locally sourced ingredients like this one I made when the blog just started (Excuse the pictures!).

I haven’t come across any other UK shops doing colourful latte art, have you? I did read about this one in Las Vegas. I like that not all the coffee shops locally do the same thing. I feel like the colours are part of the Saints of Mokha brand and unique to them. This coffee house has a rustic charm and the space has been utilised well. Star of Great British Bake Off, Holly Bell has also mentioned it on social media! So in short, if you haven’t been yet – go!

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