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Heal Thy Self – Healing Crisis Assignment

Hey guys! As most of you know, i recently began a course that covers Tibb Medicine, Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine and Holistic Healing.

Heal Thy Self - Healing Crisis Assignment

Before I get into the post I thought I would just mention that, I am aware that not every body believes in all of the above. I am also aware that not everyone believes in the bodies ability to heal itself either and that’s ok. We are all entitled to our own opinions. However, i am a huge believer in all those things. I am also aware that the body is an Amana – A trust from our Creator and as such must be treated with a certain level of respect. Ultimately this benefits us in our abilities to do anything really! Such as, engaging in life and fulfilling our obligations to our Creator.

The bodies ability to heal itself is actually a belief within Islam. However, we have to give it a chance. If we are feeding it the wrong food/emotions/information, it becomes more difficult for the body to heal. 

One part of my course is to ‘Heal thyself’ and for whatever reason I have not been able to fully engage with this ‘assignment’ yet and so with the deadline coming up and because I love myself enough (yep I really said that), I thought I would involve you guys in the assignment and tell you about exactly what I am doing.

The challenge is that I still have to be a wife and mum during this time, I still have to run the blog –  a blog that involves being around food all the time and I still have to study. Nonetheless, this is what I need to do to heal myself so I would love your support. 

So what am I hoping to achieve and how? Amongst my health concerns, I have issues with my Liver and Kidneys. I also have issues with my joints and arthritic pain. Lastly I have a blood sugar problem. Oh and there is some eczema and that anxiety. I don’t really want to go into huge detail about the exact diagnosis and level of illness. I guess I am kind of embarrassed that i have neglected my health so much. However, those are the things I wish to heal. How? For the next 30 – 60 days, I intend to cut out Dairy, Wheat, Processes Foods, Refined Sugar, Meat. I intend to read, meditate and heal/detox! Kind of like a famous Netflix film, where a certain Mr Joe Cross was able to heal his illness. Cutting out these things will bring on a healing crisis, eventually leading to healing. Please be patient with me during this time!

I am also hoping to get closer to my Creator, to please my Creator, to fulfil the command to not fill my vessel, to fast as has been commanded etc etc. I will go into this in much more detail at another time. When I cover the subjects of Halal and Tayyib and the Halal Meat Industry iA. 

To help me along, my husband will be supporting me for the first 2-3 days and taking over care of the kids because quite frankly I don’t think I will manage too well in that area. I will also be actively looking for people similar to me (working ladies with kids), to support me on my journey. I will be as transparent as I can about my diet and feelings along the way.

The healing crisis is explained below. 
You get worse before you get better. 

‘Give your brother honey..’
It is narrated by Abi Sai’d AI-Khidri in the traditions that a man came to the Prophet (Peace be Upon Him) and reported that his brother was complaining of irregular bowel movement. The Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) advised:

“Make him drink honey.” The man came back the next day and said: “I made him drink honey and it did not help! The Prophet (pbuh) gave the same advice for two or three times, and the man kept coming back with the same answer. After the third or fourth time, The Prophet (pbuh) then said: “God spoke the truth, and your brother’s belly lies.” The same tradition was reported in Sahih Muslim wherein the man said: “My brother’s belly is squeamish.” – Meaning that he is nauseous, feels queasy, and that his digestive system is upset.

(Reported in Sahih Bukhari)

The essence of Tibb is prevention over cure. It is about really knowing yourself and your body. It is about understanding your temperament and what will work for you! It is very, very individualised. What works for one person, may not work for another. For example, I cannot be having lemon water in the morning or yoghurt with fruit. This may be good for another person, but it is not for me.

Tibb is holistic. Where healing is required, it is about getting to the very root of the problem.

So pop your seatbelt on and join me for this ride. It’s gonna be bumpy mate. I would love to hear from you guys, so please do drop me an email. It can be about anything. Believe me, I love hearing from you guys. I am not sure if that comes across because I am not a happy, dappy, smiley, exclamation mark, socially enthusiastic person, but I really do love when you guys email me! (I thought I would put an ! in to prove my point). Also, the written word can often be misinterpreted and come across as a little lacklustre in comparison to podcasts/videos that are so much more effective. Maybe one day..soon!

Anyhow, Please remember me in your prayers and wish me luck!

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