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Nutella Rolls

These Nutella Rolls are perfect for a lazy Sunday morning which is why i thought i would save this post for today. I tried two methods when making them and my husbands suggestion actually worked better. BOOOO!


Nutella rolls - www.tiffinandteaofficial.com

Most of the time when he talks about food, he hasn’t a clue what he is talking about but that doesn’t stop him acting like he does. However if he has anything to say, it is ALWAYS, ‘just squeeze some lemon in it.’ That isn’t a joke. He actually says that ALL the time. Im convinced that he just says it to wind me up.

He is my back seat driver in the kitchen. Actually, he doesn’t even come to the kitchen sometimes. What is it with men anyway? They just LOVE to advise even when they don’t t know what they are banging on about, but it is kinda my fault. I do that really irritating thing.. you know that thing where i force him to analyse every morsel of food. I stand over him just after he has taken his first bite.. I study his face, then question time begins:  ‘Is it nice?, delicious innit?, i think it needs a pinch of salt, what do you think?, you don’t like it do you..’ Basically i force him to say something.. anything. Luckily most of the time, he loves what he is eating.

Last night, i watched Julia and Julia. I felt like i was watching myself. I recognise all the same anxieties. Daily thoughts that go like this, ‘Does anybody actually read this?’, ‘Do i even know the basics?’ ‘What if nobody likes it?’, ‘Is this too simple?’.

I too feel that it is necessary to go back to basics and sometimes revisit everything that you know. It worked for Julia Childright?

The reality is that people are reading the blog, I do know the basics but I am forever learning, people are looking for simple every day recipes as much as they are looking for something a little bit different and not everyone will like what you are doing but some will.

Also just like in the film, blogging gave Julia a sense of purpose, a direction, a new lease of life if you will and that is exactly what it has done for me too. I took my first tentative steps into blog land just under 3 months ago. I still consider myself a baby in this world, that is to say i am still very much finding my feet but I LOVE it.

That doesn’t mean i don’t struggle with it. I am still absolutely overwhelmed by it all. The amount of work that goes on in the background is unbelievable and I learn something new every single day. (That is no overstatement). Then every time i learn something new, i want to apply it straight away but i can’t because you know..those pesky one set of hands. I’m not an octopus. So for now, i have to give myself some grace and accept that everything that i want to do for this blog won’t happen overnight but I will get there by hook or by crook and i need to stop being so hard on myself!

SO here is the recipe for those Nutella rolls . They are definitely something you can get the kids involved in and definitely a treat for both young and old alike.

Nutella rolls - www.tiffinandteaofficial.com

The bread rolling at the beginning reminds me of some chicken pillows  we used to make using the same technique.  Might have to make them again soon because that memory made my mouth water..just a bit.

Nutella Rolls
Recipe type: Dessert
Serves: 5
Mini Nutella Rolls with cinnamon sugar
  • 5 slices of bread cut lengthways in half
  • 80 g Nutella (about 5 tbsp)
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tbsp milk
  • 2 tbsp light brown sugar
  • ½ tsp cinnamon powder
  • Butter for frying
  1. Roll each slice of bread with a rolling pin.
  2. Spread 1 tsp of nutella on each piece of bread
  3. Roll bread up tightly.
  4. In a bowl whisk the egg and the milk together
  5. In a plate combine the cinnamon and sugar
  6. Heat the butter in a pan.
  7. Dip each roll into egg, then put it in the pan.
  8. Fry until golden brown.
  9. Put it in the cinnamon sugar mix.
  10. Serve immediately with toppings of your choice. We used whipped cream and a caramel sauce.


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