Ramadan Rejuvenation Plan

Ramadan Rejuvenation Plan – Ramadan is the perfect opportunity to revitalise our minds, bodies and souls. 

There is a saying in Tibb and that is that good health can be summarised with the understanding of this one verse:

‘O children of Adam, take your adornment at every masjid, and eat and drink, but be not excessive. Indeed, He likes not those who commit excess.’ (7:31)

Excessively over eating can have a detrimental effect in so many areas of our lives, including our ability to engage in Ibadah (worship). (However often, excess is a result of sadness or trauma and should be treated as an addiction/illness/coping mechanism! It shouldn’t be judged or ridiculed). 

That being said, it is something that we can get in control of. (By we, I mean me too). Ramadan is the perfect time to get back in the driving seat and do just that and moderation is key.

We live in times where instant gratification is the norm in so many areas of our lives. For a lot of us, we can get what we want, when we want. Food, Entertainment, Attention, Pain Relief etc. So waiting for results can be difficult.

Let’s take pain relief for example. It is far easier to take pain killers and mask symptoms and keep repeating that pattern over and over again, then to get to the root of the issue. Healing naturally takes time and patience and not succumbing to temptation to take another pill or feed another craving takes discipline and willpower. Particularly because during a cleanse/healing, symptoms get worse (healing crisis) before they get better.

Tibb has roots in Prophetic Medicine and recommends fasting regularly as a means for the body to rejuvenate itself. Day to day the body takes from the environment what it needs and eliminates the rest. Sometimes this process needs to be aided for whatever reason. Fasting aids the body to repel, restore and regain balance. It helps to eliminate unnecessary toxins.

Tibb  also believes that the body has an ability to heal itself. That is why during the first few days of fasting, we get a variety of symptoms including headaches, cramps and mood swings. All these fun things are toxins leaving the body. However, in order for the process to run smoothly, our diets must be healthy and we must adopt a positive mindset.

Here are some tips for rejuvenation this Ramadan:

Start to prepare yourself NOW! Spiritually, Mentally and Physically. Try to engage in some voluntary fasting and adjust your diet as set out below.

Use everyday natural digestive aids (herbs and spices) in your food, such as ginger, cinnamon, fennel, cumin. (I chose these because, these are flavours that a lot of us are likely to use in our day to day food anyway). 

Say no to fried foods or reduce your intake! 

Drink green tea an hour after your meal.

Open your fast with a small light meal and eat slowly. If you need a little energy later on, have a second smaller meal. 

Eat more fruit and vegetables and less meat at the evening meal.

Try to cut down on bread intake or find a gluten free variety.

Incorporate Sunnah foods into your pre dawn or evening meal – Nabeez, Talbina, Yoghurt and Honey, Dates and Watermelon.

Eat/Drink some bitters at the evening meal – Bitter Salad Leaves, Bitter Gourd, Chew Frankincense, Drink Coffee. All these things will make it easier for the body to eliminate toxins. 

For the pre dawn meals, have foods that will release energy slowly. It should be a wholesome meal. Wholegrain’s are a great idea. As well as a source of protein. I will be putting a post together with more ideas before Ramadan inshAllah!

Try not to go to sleep immediately after Sehri/Suhoor (Pre Dawn Meal) but make sure you get enough sleep!

Take a walk after Iftar/Fatoor (Evening Meal).

Drink plenty of water and aim for at least 2 glasses at Sehri/Suhoor (Pre Dawn). Drink the water slowly and gradually and not with, immediately before or immediately after your meal. 

Don’t drink too many Caffeinated drinks because these will add to your thirst. Oh and cut down on Salt too because this will increase your thirst too!

Getting in control of our eating and attempting to include some of the tips mentioned above, will inshAllah lead to success in a mind/body/soul cleanse!

I pray that we all come out of Ramadan rejuvenated, revitalised, reorganised, revamped, reenergised..re..erm…that’s all i got.



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