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Things on my mind and finding my Ikigai

Things on my mind and finding my Ikigai..Bit of a different post today guys. Feel free to skip if it isn’t your thing! 🙂

Things on my mind and Finding my purpose using Ikigai

Hello people. So lately I have been doing a lot of thinking about my blog and what I want it to be. There are millions of food blogs out there right? So why another one? Truth be told, I always had the intention to use my blog to help people. I started the blog when I was in the depths of anxiety and depression. It was an outlet but i knew it could help people too. I shared a little of my anxiety story but didn’t really go into any real details about myself and my story. Honestly I didn’t feel it necessary to open up about the ‘traumas’ I had experienced and I still don’t feel the need to open up about those things. A small group of people are aware of what I have gone through and at this stage I feel like I have let those things go. Alhamdulillah. By the way this small group of people include 3 people I have never met and I will forever be grateful to them for allowing me to open up about my experiences.  Actually I have met one of them but I never actually told them who I was. Why am i so weird/awkward? New blog name alert.

Anyhow..I firmly believe that when you make an intention to do something (in this case heal my past), Allah/God connects you with people who are able to help you. So through prayer and the help of both strangers and family/friends I was able to heal my traumas and leave them in the past which I am so grateful for because it was something i thought i would never be able to do. In the same way that these people helped me, I was then able to extend help to people who contacted me after I wrote about my anxiety. So the blog was doing what I wanted it to do initially. 

Then I got lost in the world of blogging and social media which in itself is fine but somewhere along the line, I realised that I wasn’t helping people anymore. I was just blogging quick and easy recipes and there is nothing wrong with that. It can be helpful in its own way but I still felt like something was missing.

I feel that social media can be so fickle and shallow and if you want rapid growth sometimes you need to be thinking about click bait titles and materialism and obsession with self. I know that sounds brutal but think about the content that is being pushed out there  (and I don’t judge or blame anyone for doing it – there are a variety of reasons for people doing what they are doing). For one thing, if social media had been around when I was in my younger years, I know the content i would have put out there would have got a very stern look from my dad (HI DAD) and eye rolling from the community. 

Anyway as I was saying, there is so much content focussed on consumerism and self obsession and it is affecting people negatively. I just feel that we need to look beyond ourselves.

I believe that finding your passion can help change the world. For example through creativity, you can help the world immediately – so someone like Siddiqa Juma inspires people all day, every day. Or you can help someone create a meal for a loved one by providing recipes online. You can also use your creativity to build a business and then use the money from that to advance the world e.g. help build women centres or orphanages or rehab centres or whatever really. So Superwoman aka Lily Singh used her skills to create entertainment and then as well as continuing that, she has gone on to support womens education projects.

I believe that everyone has a unique purpose and once they know what they like/are good at, they can use that to serve the world. I find that in a lot of communities, peoples purposes (oooh one more word and i would have been in alliteration heaven) are taken away from them and are dictated to them by way of ‘you should do this or that’..Nah mate. We were not all created to be the same and to fit one mould. Not sure if that is spelt correctly..I hope this mould isn’t the rotting type. Lovely jubbly. Yes some ‘roles’ are valued more then others in our communities but as a general rule, as long as we are bringing value to those around us be that face to face or online, what does it matter what we do? You cannot force someone to be what they are not. It will never work long term. The weak ones will do it for a while and then get really ill. Seriously. The strong ones will say BYE FELICIA and you won’t be seeing them again. This isn’t the age of telling people that they must do something. When was that age by the way? Of course we live according to our own beliefs and morals etc but beyond that? Nobodysbusiness.com. 

Just look at the pious predecessors and the value they brought. Were they all the same? Or did they all have unique skills to offer to the world? So you as an individual have to figure out your purpose and that can be worked out in various ways including using something like the diagram below to find your IKIGAI: In Japan, millions of people have ikigai (pronounced Ick-ee-guy)— a reason to jump out of bed each morning. So you make lists or use a diagram like the one below. These lists include: what you love, what the world needs, things you are good at and what you can be paid for. The cross section of the three lists is your ikigai.

Things on my mind and finding my Ikigai

I am unsure of the source of this image so if it yours, please feel free to let me know then punch me in the face.

ANYHOW..I believe my ikigai is helping people to heal holistically using Naturopathy. Helping people to feel great basically..

This healing holistically business entails soooo much and as such I will be sharing loadsa new stuff including:

  • Wellness and the natural route to healing – this takes TIME. A lot of time and I feel like we are in an age of quick fixes. More on that coming soon.
  • Unani Tibb – What is it?
  • Your temperament according to Unani Tibb – How to work with it to regain balance
  • The Lifestyle factors that affect health and how to improve in each area; Sleep and Wakefulness, Air and Environment, Food and Drink, Mental Activity and Rest, Physical Activity and Rest, Retention and Elimination. 
  • Decluttering and Minimalism – My experience of it so far. I am about as far away from a minimalist as humanly possible at the moment but I have started to make massive changes in this area of my life. So I will be learning on the job.
  • Sustainable Food 
  • Fair Trade
  • The Environment 
  • Meditation
  • Self Love
  • Affirmations
  • Healing Herbs
  • Healing Recipes
  • DIY Beauty Stuff
  • Essential Oils and how to use them
  • Gut Health and GAPS
  • Zero Waste Lifestyle
  • Kindness, How we treat others and see others
  • Gratitude
  • Happiness and Positivity
  • Digital Detoxing
  • Helping your local community
  • The cycles in Nature/Universe – I know I sound like a tie dye wearing hippie (If you are one please know that I think you are cool as..also I think I am one on the inside).

So guys basically I have some sickkkkk (clearly I am still a teenager) recipes and content coming. Please just bear with me whilst I rearrange my brain and website. 

By the way how does all of the above sound to you? I realise that in finding myself, there have been so many changes in my content over the last 2 years. Ok maybe 2 changes..really gooey unhealthy food to quick and easy food. Things are about to change again and I hope that the content I will be providing is of interest but more  importantly, of value to you. Do let me know folks. I love it when we chat..mmmmmmkay tenks bye. 



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