Unani Medicine Day and The Six Steps to Wellness

I firmly believe we are living in the best of times when it comes to understanding our Health and Wellbeing. It fills me with such joy to know that these days there is an acceptance of lifestyle medicine as a crucial element of wellness. There was a time where mention of  lifestyle medicine as a way to dramatically improve health would have been dismissed instantly. 

Unani Medicine Day and The Six Steps to Wellness

Nowadays, there are Doctors who are not only joining in these conversations but in some cases they are leading the conversations in their respective areas and across their platforms in order to create change.

Unani Medicine Day and The Six Steps to Wellness

Doctors like Dr Rangan Chatterjee, Dr Rupy Anjula and The Food Medic are all talking in a language that those who have studied Traditional Medicine such as Unani, Ayurveda or TCM are familiar with and understand.

The voices of Doctors are important because for whatever reason, they are often respected and listened to more then most and that is great for all of us because the goal is the same – Helping people to improve their health via lifestyle factors. 

It is promising to see conversations taking place between the two different schools of thought too. I mean who would have thought that day would ever come? It goes without saying that the NHS is an indispensable service that all UK residents have benefitted from.

Both schools of thoughts have their merits and both are in my opinion absolutely necessary for the continuing improvement of our collective health and wellbeing. 

We also have Doctors on our course, who see the value of both the NHS and Natural Medicine. There are stories on both sides that show extreme cases of mismanagement and sometimes have been sensationalised and caused a divide. 

So it was encouraging to learn that my teacher will be doing a talk about Unani for Public Health at the House of Commons on the 11th February (Unani Medicine Day). 

‘This year, there will be the Unani Medicine Day 2019 celebration which has been organised by the All Party Parliamentary Group – Indian Traditional Sciences supported by the Indian High Commission UK, will be held at the House of Commons in London, on Monday 11th February 2019. The theme of the programme is ‘Unani for Public Health’.  via COMHA

Over the next few months, I will be sharing information around the six lifestyle factors according to Unani and take you through simple changes that you can make that will make huge changes to your health. I will also be writing about any other recent research in these areas and if it feels right set some mini challenges for both you and I. As well as giving you access to some free resources.

The 6 lifestyle factors according to Unani are:

  • Food ans Drink
  • Air and Environment
  • Physical activity and rest
  • Sleep and wakefulness
  • Psychological Activity and rest
  • Elimination and retention 

Unani Medicine Day and The Six Steps to Wellness

The first topic will be Diet and will cover steps that we can all take to begin to improve how we are feeling just by changing the way we eat and drink. Again this is about small steps that you can take to help you FEEL better. Health is often only spoken about as a way to LOOK better and this series will focus on the whole self. 

I am excited to be sharing this series with you and I hope that we can all benefit from it. I will be setting up a Facebook group where we can all discuss the small steps we are taking, share resources and learn from each other.

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