About Me – Tiffin and Tea

Hi All! I’m Safira. Welcome to my little place on the net.

Here you will find simple and light recipes, that are mostly quick to make. You will also begin to see more and more recipes focussed around natural healing.

I am currently studying Naturopathy and Herbalism. I am in a transition phase with practicing wellness and am yet to fully incorporate all the elements of Naturopathy into my life. I am very much on and off with it. Hey at least i’m honest!

I strongly believe that what we eat can affect the mind, body and soul. Some of the changes that have come about on the blog have come as a direct result of my studying. 

Tiffin and Tea was born when we decided that we (me and the husband) wanted to eat better and reclaim our health. Everyday, i would pack a tiffin for my husband to take to work with him. In it was a variety of healthy foods/snacks that helped keep him far away from junk food. The other reason we loved the name was because i always associate a tiffin with travelling and that is something we both want to do a lot of. Oh and one more reason..we both LOVE tea. I prefer a simple english breakfast, whilst my husband has a 20 minute brewed ginger tea. 

The blog also came about at a time when I was feeling very low. I remember one day making a cake and noticing the joy and peace I felt whilst baking. I wanted to feel more of that so started to spend more and more time in the kitchen. 

Some of the older recipes are comforting, cheesy, carb coma type recipes because despite our best intentions, we have fallen off the wagon a lot. Now that I am on a healing journey, things are changing albeit very slowly! Sadly I am not the type to make changes overnight. That being said, some of the changes I have made have made a MASSIVE change to my mental health and overall happiness. So a lot of internal healing and processing has been happening and I have allowed myself to indulge for sure. Eventually I will be going towards a diet that is right for me according to naturopathy or unani tibb/my temperament.

In my personal life, we have 2 very adorable and active children. We have a 5 year old boy and a 4 year old girl. When we aren’t working, they keep us busy. Reallyreally busy. When the children aren’t keeping me busy, I love to walk. I love walking in nature and sometimes on awkward rocky mountains. I love running streams. I love all kinds of markets and food stalls/events. I’m all for street food! I love the moon, the night sky and trees. I enjoy camping, even more so now we have kids. My love for nature comes from my dad.. I now find myself talking to my own children about the beauty of nature and watching random programmes about penguins with them, just like he did with us. Currently I am listening to my dad talking to my son about the rotation of the Earth and sunsets!

At the opposite end of that scale, I also love to wander cities. I could literally walk for miles. I love to travel and I love hopping onto trains.

Please please feel free to email me. I would love to hear from you! One of my favourite things ever is when my readers email me directly. 

Welcome! Enjoy the blog, take your shoes off, make yourself a cuppa and settle in.