About Me – Tiffin and Tea

Hi All! I’m Safira. Welcome to my little place on the net.

Tiffin and Tea was born when we decided that we (me and the husband) wanted to eat better and reclaim our health. Everyday, i would pack a tiffin for my husband to take to work with him. In it was a variety of healthy foods/snacks that helped keep him far away from junk food. The other reason we loved the name was because i always associate a tiffin with travelling (kind of like a packed lunch) and that is something we both want to do a lot of. Oh and one more reason..we both LOVE tea. I prefer a simple english breakfast, whilst my husband has a 20 minute brewed ginger tea.

I do most of the cooking, baking and writing for the blog and my husband does a lot of advising (like they do), all the background geeky stuff and some decision making! 

We have 2 very adorable and active children. We have a 5 year old boy and a 4 year old girl. When we aren’t working, they keep us busy. Reallyreally busy.

Towards the end of last year, I experienced many health ailments. From simple things like eczema on my arms, banging headaches, exhaustion and sudden skin breakouts to more serious symptoms. It got to a stage where I was desperate to find out what was wrong. I have never been the type of person that goes to the doctors or takes medicines and I have always believed in a holistic approach. I strongly believe that what we eat can affect the mind, body and soul.

I later found out that I had some health issues that needed to be worked on immediately. One of the reasons i believe that we have fallen off track so many times with our eating habits is because there is so much confusion around food and we really needed to learn about good nutrition. So I decided to do just that. In August 2016, I started a Complimentary and Alternative Medicine course that covered Nutrition, Naturopathy, Herbalism.

Some of the changes we have made so far have come as a direct result of my studying. Although it is still very early days and I am forever learning!

So what is our aim with the blog? We want to empower ourselves and you (our reader) to achieve balance using a healthy approach to food, lifestyle, herbs and supplements. We want to take away some of the confusion surrounding what is ‘good’ for us because this can be different for each individual. 

Our other philosophy is to eat well most of the time and allow ourselves the grace to indulge (in a controlled manner) once a week because we are human! This may or may not continue going forward. We are very much in the transition stage. I pray that this endeavour is of benefit to you our reader and on a wider scale, your families. I will be updating you on my health as i go along.

In my day to day life, at least one of my kids is usually with me in the kitchen and they follow me around with a stool or clamber on to the table to help.. like most parents this fills me with deep joy mixed with even deeper anxiety. Imagine trying to set up a photoshoot with kids that want to grab everything.. Exactly.

In my personal life, I love to walk. I love walking in nature and sometimes on awkward rocky mountains. I love running streams. I generally love the outdoors and have an obsession with getting our kids outdoors and moving. Although I definitely don’t get to do enough of this! BOO.
I love all kinds of markets and food stalls/events. I’m all for street food! I love the moon, the night sky and trees. I enjoy camping, even more so now we have kids. My love for nature comes from my dad.. I now find myself talking to my own children about the beauty of nature and watching random programmes about penguins with them, just like he did with us. At the opposite end of that scale, I also love to wonder cities. I could literally walk for miles. I love to travel. I love hopping onto trains. I love landing at Euston.
I always keep an eye on people who inspire me. I am deeply spiritual and love my family to bits. I love to read. For a couple of years in my life, I was reading novels and magazines that allowed me to switch off my over crammed brain but now I’m back to reading books that inspire me to grow as a person. I also love recipe books. I could just sit and flick through them all day.
I have always wanted to travel the world and I have always wanted to help people and i have every confidence that i will do both.

I hope you join us on our little journey to reclaim our health and I hope that we are able to benefit you in some way!